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English Derby Winner

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Larkspur, ch.c., 1959
(Never Say Die-Skylarking, by Precipitation)
DP 11-2-24-13-12, DI 0.68, CD -0.21

Never Say Die (C) Nasrullah (B) Nearco (B/C) Pharos (I)
Mumtaz Begum Blenheim II (C/S)
Mumtaz Mahal
Singing Grass War Admiral (C) Man o' War (S)
Boreale Vatout (S)
Galaday II
Skylarking Precipitation (P) Hurry On (P) Marcovil
Tout Suite
Double Life Bachelor's Double (S)
Saint Joan
Woodlark II Bois Roussel (S) Vatout (S)
Plucky Liege
Aurora Hyperion (B/C)
Rose Red

Career Highlights: Won three races incl. Wills' Gold Flake Stakes, Derby Stakes.
Inbreeding Thru 4 Generations: 4x4 Vatout
Sire Line: Nasrullah; Family Number: 1